DIY Scrapbook Wall Art

This project started innocently enough. Since we live in an apartment and I can’t paint the walls it’s been difficult to fill the space with color. There’s a spot over our table that’s just a giant blank wall that I especially wanted to decorate. I ran across this link on Pintrest:  Creative Canvas Wall Art and followed her instructions pretty much exactly in order to complete my own version of scrapbook wall art. However, I had several snags along the way. The first is that I attempted make your own Modgepodge that I had also found on Pintrest in order to adhere the pages to the canvas. When I came out the next morning, all of the pages were crinkled and had come completely off the canvas. (I do not recommend you make your own Modgepodge.) After going to the store to get real Modgepodge the project seemed to be going much better, however the real problems started when I attempted to put them up. I thought that ticky tack would be a great way to get them up on the wall without nail holes (something discouraged by our apartment complex). I learned my lesson. Never EVER use ticky tack on painted walls. I ended up with oil stains about the size of a thumb print all across the wall. I tried to clean them off but was unsuccessful. Eventually I got up the courage to go ask our front desk if they had touch up paint and when they did (for $5 of course) I was so excited that we weren’t going to be fined a ton upon move-out. So I repainted the wall and put up the squares using command strips. It worked! I love the look of this project and I’m just so glad it’s finished! Also, while I love the patterns we picked out initially, you can always pick out another square of paper and modgepodge it right over another pattern to change up the look.


One thought on “DIY Scrapbook Wall Art

  1. YEAAA!!!! They look GREAT!! What a fun cheap way to decorate a large wall!!!! Those colors are so perfect, and I can totally see your wonderful home with these great additions!

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