Fun with Mason Jars

I’ve been home a lot lately since I haven’t started my new job. So in order to keep busy I’ve been organizing and trying other fun looking things from Pintrest. I had to share what I’ve been doing with Mason jars (and other jars too!) because they are so useful and look cute too! I could think of tons of stuff to store in jars like this!

1. Refrigerator Iced Tea: I used my largest jar (I think it’s a 1 liter) to make iced tea. Just fill the jar with water, add one family sized tea bag or a few smaller tea bags and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

2. Organization: I put popcorn kernels in one and coffee in the other. Looks better in my cabinet than bags and makes it more easily accessible.

If you don’t have Mason Jars…I had a leftover sauce jar that I cleaned out so it could be used for something as well. I used black acrylic paint to paint the lid of the jar (so it didn’t say things about sauce) and now it’s ready for use!



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