Homemade Shaving Lotion

I found the original recipe for Homemade Shaving Lotion a while ago and just haven’t had time to try it out. I cut the recipe down a little bit so I could try it before making a whole bottle.


1/4 cup Conditioner

1/4 cup Shampoo

1tbsp Olive Oil or Baby Oil

4tbsp Lotion


1. Mix all ingredients together. (I just shook mine up in the conditioner bottle I was using to store the shaving lotion.)

2. Let sit for about an hour prior to use.

3. Lather on prior to shaving!


I tried it out and overall liked it. I think you have to not be expecting thick, poofy shaving cream or else you’ll be disappointed. It’s pretty runny – maybe I’ll add more lotion next time or add more conditioner than shampoo. But it still worked great and made my legs nice and smooth. PS- Make sure to match the scents in all of your ingredients so they combine well. The best part of my lotion is the vanilla honey chai smell!


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