Oh Christmas Tree!

CIMG3926As a new season approached I was once again confronted with the issue of how to decorate well on a budget. I managed to do it with just a few key pieces for the fall/Thanksgiving season but Christmas is much more specific. The weekend after Thanksgiving, Gavin and I broke out the Christmas tree. We got this little tree last year from Gavin’s aunt who was ready for a new tree. We gladly accepted this free tree but didn’t look at it until we opened the box a few weeks ago. We started to set it up and didn’t realize that only the bottom had branches to place into the base, the top was one whole piece. We ended up thinking that the tree didn’t have a top! I wish I had a picture at this point, because the bottom half of a tree is not pretty. However, we did eventually figured out our mistake and with a little fluffing, our tree looks great! It’s little but the perfect size for our little apartment. I’m surprised it fit anywhere!

DIY Dough OrnamentOnce we had the tree up we had the issue of ornaments…we had some random ones we’d been using in college but I wanted a few more on the tree that matched. The round ones are so expensive for just a few ornaments so I decided to make my own! Separate post on that to follow, they turned out great!

Christmas Apothecary JarI did end up buying one set of silver ornaments from the dollar store! It came with about 10 of them for just a dollar…I love the dollar store! I used them to fill my apothecary jar and we’re currently using it as a centerpiece on our table. The apothecary jar is great since I can change it easily to adapt for each season. At least these few little changes added some Christmas flair to our apartment. I hope to do some Christmas clearance shopping at the end of the season to expand our decoration collection. My goal is to be even more festive with our decorations next year!



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