DIY Lotion Bars

DIY Lotion Bars

Not too long ago our local mall got a LUSH store. I went in with a friend and loved all of their bars, however they were so expensive! After some research, I realized this was something I could attempt myself and maybe even give to friends for Christmas if they turned out! Well, they did turn out because they were super easy and I’ve had lots of comments on how much people like them. I will probably make them again when I run out because I use them a lot! I especially like to use them on my hands before I go to bed and after I shave on my legs.  So here’s the super easy recipe…


1. 1 part Coconut Oil (I used about 16 oz. found with the other baking oils at Walmart)

2. 1 part Beeswax (I used the full 1lb block found at Hobby Lobby)

3. 3/4 part Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil (I used about 12 oz. and a little of both)

4. A few squirts of honey if you like the smell of honey

ps- don’t add any other liquids – I tried adding a little bit of vanilla and it ruined the last few bars that I made…all the liquid seemed to pool at the bottom. Just stick with these ingredients, they will be great!


1. Get a large mason jar or other jar with a lid to fill with your ingredients.

2. Put a large pot on the stove with a few inches of water in the bottom and bring to a boil.DIY Lotion Bars

3. Place pieces of beeswax (some recipes said you should use a cheese grater to grate the beeswax, however I started doing this and it would have taken several hours…I just cut mine into chunks) and coconut oil into jar, put on lid, and place jar into the pot of boiling water.

4. Leave the jar in the water until all of the ingredients have melted then add the Olive and/or Vegetable oil. You can stir or gently shake to mix the ingredients.

5. Once everything is melted you can (quickly or it will harden) pour the mixture into muffin tins. I used the mini ones without paper liners and the large ones with paper liners.

6. Let harden overnight and then pop out of containers or remove liners (it was super easy). Place in cellophane bags or another container and store in a cool place. Too much heat will melt them, which is why they melt onto your skin.