Summer 2013 (The Highlights!)

This summer just flew by! Maybe it’s because this has been my first summer that I truly haven’t gotten a break or that I just started my first-ever “real adult” full-time job, which means more responsibility and more overtime. Here are a few of the highlights…

The Sand Dunes


We went with another couple to the Sand Dunes for a long weekend. Well, it was certainly a long weekend – but a fun one! This was Gavin’s first time really camping and I think we scared him away. We drove down early on Friday morning “to get a good camping spot”, however when we pulled up to the park window (the giant line should have been a giveaway) we were informed that all of the spots had been taken or reserved days prior. However, a very nice ranger said he could set us up with a free! spot that was only a half mile hike and still in the park. We were feeling adventurous so we went for it! The thing is that he meant half a mile from the trail…after at least a half mile hike. We were not prepared to hike in and camp somewhere so I’m glad no one saw me toting my pillow and canvas bag up the trail that afternoon – it was just embarassing.


We had a few other funny stories – like waiting for our friends in the car at midnight and listening to Chronicles of Narnia on tape; we had a ranger come knock on our window…she thought we were car camping! And getting lost hiking…or how we hiked up that long steep trail so many times that weekend (including in the dark twice) that we came to realize that we really couldn’t complain about the three flights of stairs leading up to our apartment. We decided that whenever we go on an adventure like this one we should always determine a “lesson” that we learned. That was our “lesson” from this trip – it could be a lot worse than taking the stairs!



CIMG4106 - CopyWe also traveled to Tennessee to celebrate my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary! It was fun hiking (picture to the left), checking out Nashville (picture to the right), going to Dollywood, and just spending time with my entire family.


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